My Career and Training

Hello & Welcome! 

I'm Stacy Wood, the founder of Through the Woods Consulting; I'm a certified coach and an intentional success consultant. My mission is the help professionals create success in their lives through thoughtful planning, impactful communications and focused women's leadership development. 

I accomplish this through executive coaching, corporate workshops, equine/nature-based retreats and motivational speaking. 

My goal as your coach or facilitator is to get you thinking and acting out of your comfort zone/ every day space. When we get "comfortably uncomfortable" we begin to see things in a new light and recognize new opportunities. Together, we will expand the boundaries so that you can truly define and tap into the success you have always craved. It's not just about identifying ideas and goals, we then lean into the process of HOW to get there as I support you through this journey. 

I bring a wealth of leadership, training and sales experience into my coaching practice form years as a successful medical sales consultant, time as an adjunct professor with the University of Richmond, as well as having been a training manager for a Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical firm. My degree in Animal and Equine Sciences has led me to develop unique equine assisted coaching programs, utilizing my "Equine Factor" design. 
I am driven to craft and live an intentional life where my family and the ability to incorporate wellness into my daily life are a priority. Living a life with a productive career while staying engaged with my family is key to my happiness.
My Passions
My Tribe
I have been working with and riding horses for over 30 years, which has allowed me to combine my passions and develop a unique equine assisted coaching program that I refer to as the "Equine Factor". In these amazing sessions, horses guide you in aligning your physical, emotional and mental presence for improved communication in your daily personal and professional interactions. 
My family is the core of my tribe. I am fortunate to have a wonderful husband and two amazing children, in addition to my four-legged loves to keep me balanced. Beyond my family, I look to friends, coaches and mentors to support me along my own journey to intentional success. 
My Team 
Though I am a solo-preneur, there is always a team behind the scenes who support the process. Danielle Powell is my "wizard marketing and social media" consultant, Rob Daffer is the "logo & brand genius" and Kami Thacker is tasked with making me look good as my "go-to photographer". Combined, they make things around my brand beautiful! 

If we should identify additional needs for your coporate or personal development that extend beyond my expertise there is a solution for that!  I have a carefully curated list of trusted business partners whom I can recommend for specific needs as we identify your unique goals.