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Short-Term Officer: Working from Home Zoom Coaching 

1x Zoom Coaching:
Personal Productivity Systems

Are you new to remote working?  Or with the sudden changes in our world are you find yourself struggling to find your most productive stride while working from home?
After 20 years of personally working from home, I have found many tips, tricks, and productivity measures to keep me FOCUSED while using my time effectively.  As an Executive Coach I help my clients develop systems for success, to work in ways that are efficient for their unique personality and workload.
If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or just recognizing that you need to tighten up your approach, I am here to help! 

During this unique time of social distancing, I am offering a one-time Zoom Coaching Consultation to create your personal productivity system. 

After this one-time session you will leave with:
~A clear list of your Focused Goals
~A unique plan outlining your ‘Systems for Success’ 
~Actionable Steps to implement your plans
~A Custom Template for your Daily & Weekly Sheets
~Clarity on what, when, and how things will happen
To schedule your 60minute call, Click through this link. 

Resources for Working Parents:
Managing Working at Home 
One of our core services is Small Group Executive Coaching for Working Parents'.  In an effort to support those who are trying to navigate the new "normal" of now school and no daycare, we want to offer you this
list of tips to help you through this time!